As a member of the KCAI Alumni Community, you are a part of a worldwide network that is more than 9,000 strong. Your free membership in the Alumni Community comes with many opportunities and discounts.

New graduates receive:

  • A complementary advising session through the Professional Practice Center valid for your first full year after graduation; including professional materials review, Fulbright Application review, interview preparation, and graduate school application assistance. To book your appointment, please contact our Alumni and Professional Practice Center Manager Cory Imig at or 816.802.3464.

All alumni receive:


  • Attend KCAI-sponsored local, regional and national private alumni gatherings and campus events

  • Promote your events and achievements on KCAI’s social media groups for alumni on LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Exhibit artwork and professional creative work at KCAI and at community partners

  • Access to the Professional Practice Platform (the Portal) to find specially curated creative jobs and internships

  • Access to a curated list of professional resources

  • Access to KCAI’s on-campus Print Center for professional use

  • Access to Jannes Library resources in-person and free of charge (by appointment only)

  • Subscribe to a monthly e-newsletter exclusively for KCAI alumni

  • Submit publications and media to the permanent collection in Jannes Library

  • Submit artwork, poetry and other writings for consideration to SPRUNG FORMAL, KCAI’s literary arts journal published by current students

  • Be a guest critic or presenter in classes

  • For employment at KCAI

  • To volunteer at KCAI

  • Order an official copy of your transcript

  • Order an official replacement diploma


UMKC E-Scholars Program Opportunity and Discount

Are you looking for help launching your creative skills or product ideas into successful careers or businesses? Introducing the Entrepreneurship Scholars program (E-Scholars) housed in the Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UMKC’s Henry W. Bloch School of Management! As you may know, KCAI has partnered with this program to offer students a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies, and now we are extending this partnership to you, KCAI alumni. Over the past 13 years, this program has helped hundreds of founders launch great businesses. Participants in the program will have the opportunity to work with peers, mentors, and industry experts to learn exactly how to start a business and build a network to support their growth. The program meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-5:00 PM. For KCAI Alumni who would like to apply to the program, the Regnier Institute:

  • is offering a 10% discount on the E-Scholars program fee

If you would like to apply to the program with an idea for a business, or if you would like to participate as a mentor, please find a time to chat with the program’s director, Alex Matlack, or reach out via email:

KCAI Alumni Insurance Benefits Program

KCAI sponsors an Alumni Benefits Program as a service to alumni. The program offers a variety of attractively-priced insurance products, most of which are available to alumni, students, faculty, and staff, as well as their spouses, domestic partners, children, parents, and siblings:

*Traditional Health insurance (medical, dental, vision) is only available through Small Business Insurance

**Individual health coverage can also be placed in select states only.

***Individual ACA-compliant healthcare coverage is available in a limited number of states, excluding MO. Please call 800-635-7801 for additional information.

For more information visit or contact our program administrator (Meyer and Associates) at 800-635-7801.

This is not a promotional or fundraising tool -- M&A insurance is completely independent from the college and simply a way to provide important benefits, at reasonable rates, for our alumni community. Please look for more information in your inbox and mailbox soon.

Does your business or employer have a benefit or discount to share with the KCAI Alumni Community? Do you have questions about how to access these benefits? Email and we'll be in touch!